Packt is committed to making Packt Video courses a valuable, useful way for IT professionals to learn new skills. We have made every effort to ensure that this course reaches the required standard and will work on our customers' devices.

However videos can sometimes be problematic for our customers because of the size of the packages and the complexity in getting them to play when downloaded. All Packt videos are delivered in ZIP packages, and the videos themselves are MP4 containers compressed using the h.264 codec family for maximum compatibility with modern systems and mobile devices.

If you're having problems here are some simple steps that should allow you to download and view the video from our website.

How to download video packages for offline viewing

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on "My Account" and then click on the "My Videos" tab to access your videos.
  3. Click on the "Download Now" link to start your video download.

How to extract the video file

All modern operating systems ship with ZIP file extraction built in. If you'd prefer to use a dedicated compression application, we've tested WinRAR / 7-Zip for Windows, Zipeg / iZip / UnRarX for Mac and 7-Zip / PeaZip for Linux. These applications support all extension files.







If you have issues with downloading the video package

  1. Disable all your browser plugins and extensions: Some security and download manager extensions can cause issues during the download.
  2. Download the video course using a different browser: We've tested downloads operate correctly in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

How to get help and support

If your video course doesn't give you what you were expecting, either because of functionality problems or because the content isn't up to scratch, please mail [email protected] with details of the problem. In addition, so that we can best provide the support you need, please include the following information for our support team.

  • Video played:
  • Format watched (HTML, MP4, streaming):
  • Chapter or section that issue relates to (if relevant):
  • System being played on:
  • Browser used (if relevant):
  • Details of support:

You can find these details by visiting - please attach a PDF to your email if you'd prefer.

If you have comments or feedback

We would like to hear any other feedback you have on our courses: what they did well, what they did poorly, and how you would like to see Packt Video develop in future. Please mail [email protected] with your feedback, and be sure to mention the title of the video course you are mailing about.